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The Modern Way to Improve your Golf Game

Practice at Home - Add Distance to Your Swing

Practice at Home and Play Better Golf, This new and innovative golf improvement programme has been developed to help golfers increase their swing speed and distance by practising in a relaxed and controlled way.
 It is based on the latest technology and concentrates on helping to increase strength, swing speed and distance, by practising at home where it is more convenient.

The Contents include instructions on how to:

  1. Practice at home to improve your strength and increase your distance and prevent back injuries
  2. Learn how to generate more power and increase your swing speed
  3. Practice indoors at home with three modern and easy-to-use golf improvement aids.  
  4. Find out how good your game should be for your age and your handicap
  5. Review information on the most appropriate golf shaft and ball for your swing speed and handicap.

    The guide is in a downloadable PDF format with easy-to-read information and can be stored on your iPhone or mobile device for easy reference. Get it now and you won’t be disappointed. 

Practice at Home and Play Better Golf

See the improvement in your golf game

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