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The Junior Golfers Essential Pocket Guide

Junior Essential Guide Book

The Junior Golfers Essential Pocket Guide has essential golf information for all male and female junior golfers from 5 to 16 years.
The information has been carefully selected to provide juniors with the knowledge they will need to have an enjoyable playing experience.
It is short and to the point with easy-to-read tables and charts and can be stored on an iPhone or mobile device for easy reference.
Golf is a sport where self-discipline and courtesy are extremely important.
To help juniors understand this we have included 25 etiquette rules that juniors need to learn even before they go out onto the golf course.
In addition, juniors will find out:  
The correct length of golf clubs for their height. 
The target club head swing speed for each age group.
The Junior par and hole distance for each age group.
How the junior golf handicap system works.
The rules for junior competitions

Get it now and you won’t be disappointed.

Thse statistics are the approximate relationship of the clubhead speed in mph and the ball carry distance in yards for Junior Golfers. The numbers are the average carry distance with a total distance depending on the ground conditions, the total distance includes “role” which is normally 20% of the carry distance.

The Junior Golfers Essential Pocket Guide

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