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Improve your Strength and Distance

how to improve your strength
strength exercises for swing speed

Improve your Strength and Distance, Strength Training for Golf is important as in most sports to help prepare for the physical demands it puts on your body and to reduce the risk of injury, particularly to the lower back area.

Strength training will help you to improve your strength as well as increase your golf swing speed.

Here are five exercises that are used by many golfers and have proven to be successful.

Improve your Strength and Distance

The Squat
Your swing isn’t just about your arms, it’s about your legs too.
Your hip flexors, quadriceps and glutes are all crucial components to achieving a long and straight drive.
This exercise will help you to stop attacking the ball at the start of the downswing and relieve tightness in your calf muscles and help with stability in your hips.

The Slow Sit-Up
The slow sit-up is good for developing core muscles, which help you to generate more power in your swing.

The Lower Back Exercise
Many golf injuries occur in the lower back. This exercise will strengthen your glutes, core and back, reducing the possibility of injuries.

The Hip Exercise
Your hips help to generate power and control accuracy in your swing. If you don’t roll your hips through the swing you will end up pushing or pulling your shots.
This exercise is good for improving power & mobility.

The Legs Exercise
This exercise will enable you to increase your swing speed without getting injured

Practice at Home - Add Distance to Your Swing

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