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Compare Your Driving Stats to the Professionals

Golf Driving Distance

Driving distance is one of the most popular statistics in golf and unless otherwise stated measure the distance from the tee to where the ball stops rolling.
The distances in the professional game are longer than it ever has been, but what about the amateur side of the game?

Golf Distances Average by Club

Male Golfer

A long drive for a man is considered to be between 280 and 300 yards but in reality, golfers aren’t getting anywhere near that figure.
Driving distance figures from the R & A and the USGA’s most recent distance report show that the average hit by an amateur male club golfer is 215 yards.
The average for a female club golfer is 148 yards

Average Driving Distance

The above stats are the average carry distance in yards for each club.
Total distance will include on average another 10% roll.

Average Driving Distance by Handicap

Average Driving Distance by Handicap

The scoring statistics in these tables are the average for male and female amateur golfers and PGA players.
The analysis is designed to show how the different handicapped groups compare to the top PGA and LPGA players.