Play Better Golf By Analysing your Game

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Play Better Golf by Analysing your game

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How Good is your Golf Handicap?

The only reference book on the market that has a complete set of scoring stats for amateur golfers.

It will enable you to analyse all areas of your game from Tee to Green and establish where you are above and below average and importantly where you can improve.

The stats are for all golfers including Male, Female and Juniors from 5 to 80 years and are presented in easy to understand charts and tables.

It has 28-pages of information including charts that will let you know how good your handicap is by comparing it against other golfers who have the same Handicap as you and are the same Age and Gender.

How Good is Your Handicap

To Improve Golfing Performance
for all golfers including Male, Female, and
Juniors from 5 to 80 years

Junior Golfers

Performance Chart

Junior Golfer
Adult Male Golfers

Performance Chart

Male Golfer
Adult Female Golfer

Performance Chart

Female Golfer
Play Better Golf

By Analysing your Game and Practising in a Controlled Manner

Golf is a sport that has been around for a very long time and enjoyed by many people around the world.
Much is written about the scoring statistics for PGA and LPGA players, but very little information has been published until now for amateur golfers.

This new golf handbook addresses that and will allow you to check if:
You are hitting it as far as you should be.
Is your Swing Speed is above or below average
Your Game is good for your age
Is your game is better than other golfers who have the same Handicap and are the same age.

If you want to Play Better Golf you also need to ensure your clubs and golf balls are suitable for your handicap.
You can do this in the handbook by checking if the length of your clubs are correct for your height and the stiffness of your shafts and the compression of your golf balls are correct for your game.
This information is essential if you want to understand How Good your Golf Handicap is and to highlight the areas where you need to improve to lower your handicap.