Male and Female Golfers Statistics

average driving distance

Because you swing slower as you age, your average distance will decline as you get older.
The optimum age for distance is 30 years when the average distance is 240 yards for men and 185 yards for women.
After the age of 50, the distance is estimated to reduce by 10 yards every 10 years, with the male golf who are
aged over 70 hittings it less than 200 yards.

clubhead speed

The distance in this chart is the average carry distance in yards for each club.
The total distance will depend on the ground conditions with the “roll”
normally is about 10% of the carry distance.

Male driving stats

Driving distance figures from the R&A and USGA Distance Reports
show that the average hit by amateur golfer is 214.7 yards.

Female Driving Stats

The distance report also looks at the female game and the average hit by a woman is 147.9 yards