I know I can play better golf

I Know I Can Play Better Golf

Should you buy new clubs or get a lesson?

I Know I Can Play Better Golf 

I know I can play better golf than this, what is wrong with my game?

Feel you’ve lost significant distance off the tee, again the golf pro.

But hold on maybe I can fix this myself, watch a few YouTube videos, read a few tips in the Golf Magazines, that may do it, but still not consistent or sure you’ve resolved it.

You have a problem, what direction do I go, the retailer to buy the latest clubs, go to the pro for clubs or book lesson?

First of all, you need to appraise your current performance, if erratic, well the golf pro will give some guidance on how to sort that out

If you buy the Play Better Golf handbook, it helps you assess your performance, age, gender, handicap, measured against standards.

When you read this book for £9.95 you’ll soon be able to identify where your problems lie.

It’ll enable you to have a more understandable discussion with your pro, and evaluate where you work together in getting your game back on track with improved performance.

Buy this golf handbook today, and analyse your golf game to get on the road to stabilising your golf game and notable improvements.