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Compare your Golf Performance with others

compare your golf performance

Compare Your Golf Performance With Others Who Have The Same Handicap And Are The Same Age And Gender

Golf Driving Statistics

Driving Statistics 

Driving distance figures from the R & A and the USGA Distance reports show that the average drive hit by a male amateur golfer is 214.7 yards. 

The Distance Reports also looks at the female game and the numbers show that the average drive hit by a woman is 147.9 yards. 

Because you swing slower as you age, your average distance will decline as you get older.
The optimum age for distance is 30 years when the average distance for men is 240 yards and 185 yards for a woman. 

After the age of 50, the distance is estimated to reduce by 10 yards every 10 years, with male golfers who are aged over are 70 hitting it on average less than 200 yards.

Swing Speed

Swing Speed 

If you want to hit the ball further you need to know what your Swing Speed is and how to increase it. 

Swing Speed is the most important factor when it comes to distance and if you don’t know your Swing Speed we encourage you to contact your local PGA Club/Teaching Professional for help as they will have the latest equipment to measure swing speed.
They will also be able to offer advice on how to increase it. 

For example, if you are a male golfer 30 years old your average swing speed should be 110 mph and for a woman, it should be 87 mph. 

Compare your Golf Performance

Today, for the first time you can check out what your swing speed should be and whether you are above or below average on all other areas of your game including: 

1 How far you should be hitting every club in the bag.
2 Your Iron Accuracy.
3 Percentage of fairways you Hit.
4 Greens in Regulation.
5 Number of Putts per Round.
6 Number of Pars and Birdies you should get per Round. 

You can also compare your game with other golfers who have the same Handicap as you and are the same Age and Gender when you buy “How Good is your Golf Handicap” here.